Refracted Moments (Vol 1)

I am very excited to announce that I have new music coming out! 'Refracted Moments (Vol 1)' is the first of a three part collection of songs written by Toby over the last decade and will be available to pre-order on June 13th and available to download and stream from June 27th!

It's been a slow journey to get here, but I am hugely grateful to all my friends and fans for their patience and support. I started this project back in 2015 and was able to crowd-fund some of the costs needed to record it and I know many of you have been waiting a long time for this!

While it started as a full-length album, I decided to split the music up into three parts - three collections of songs I have written over the years that are all very personal to me, covering a variety of topics from the deeper emotions of loss, love, and relationships, to the lighter musings of one-night-stands! I am really excited to be sharing volume one with you in just a few weeks and hoping my words and melodies will resonate with you in some way and that you enjoy my music!

Huge thank you to my fans and crowd-funding supporters & I will be in touch about dates for the launch party very soon!



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