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So the 'Refracted Moments' launch show took place at the beginning of July and it was a great night and I've been meaning to write a little blog post to share on my website so here we go!

After some mild drama the week preceding where ticket sales were looking a little low, we ended up having a good solid crowd come down to see me play at 'The Old Queen's Head' and luckily there was beautifully cool air-condition which made a real difference on that hot summer's evening!

I had two great musicians playing with me - Dion Rushe on lead guitar and Sam Weston on Bass and both did some beautfiul delicate harmonies and really helped enrich the sound of the songs.

Dion, Toby & Sam on stage


We played a nice long set - around an hour and a half - of songs of mine, from the 'Refracted Moments' series as well as some new songs, some of which I'd never played live to an audience before so that was a really great experience to unleash some new material!

I was also very fortunate to have my talented wife Pippa join my on stage and she & I played a couple of new songs of mine as duets - her Ukulele playing and harmonies were both beautiful and I really am very lucky to have her support both musically and in life!


Pippa & Toby

The audience were all great, really attentive and engaged + I even got an encore which I completely wasn't expecting and having played a good long set and being quite shattered by the end I got Pippa to lead the encore with a rendition of 'Jolene', a Dolly Parton cover that she and I have had a lot of fun playing over the last year or so! Sam even managed to wing it on Bass and help make it sound even better! Very unexpected but great fun!

I want to thank those of you that were able to make it along for the night and made it so special and hope you will join me again at another show soon!



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