Toby's Story so far...

Toby Benson is an acoustic singer/songwriter from London, England. He sings, writes and performs his own songs as well as playing the occasional cover. Toby released his debut EP in 2015, but has since rebranded and has recently released the first collection of new music as part of a three part project called 'Refracted Moments'.

When Toby first moved to London in 2008 he met Singer/Songwriter James Carrington who he had been a fan of for a couple of years having heard his beautiful song 'Ache' in Smallville. The two became firm friends as they hung out and wrote together over the next couple of years, with James mentoring Toby and helping him build his confidence and develop his talent for songwriting. Toby then went on to record his debut EP with the extremely talented award winning composer Xiaotian Shi working with other talented musicians Phil Ward (SYLVIA), Thaddeus Wiseman (Brian Travis Band, The Waitress Band) and the Sacconi Quartet. The EP was recorded and mixed in 2013 and mastered at Abbey Road studios in 2014. His latest project was recorded in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside and is a collection of songs Toby has written over the last few years. The first two parts were released in 2017 and the third and final part is out on November 16th 2018.

Toby has featured on established live music YouTube channel Ont' Sofa, as well as having played many of the leading music venues around London and has also played gigs around the world, sharing a stage with Tom Chaplin of Keane, The Dunwells, The Brevet as well as many up-and-coming acts. Toby's 'Refracted Moments' project is the culmination of years of experience as a rhythm guitarist & vocalist and many hours/months/years spent writing melodies and lyrics and can be purchased on iTunes, Google Play, or streamed on Spotify or right here on the website.

Toby has also created a Youtube Channel where he uploads his covers of songs he loves (in a variety of genres) as well as his own songs. Check it out and subscribe to stay up to date with his latest videos or visit the videos page.

Check out the Toby Benson events page to find out where you can see Toby play next, feel free to talk to him on the internet on one of his many social media profiles, or simply subscribe to Toby's email list for occasional updates and news emails.